Upgrading domus.Link

This section deals with upgrading domus.Link from a previous version.



Note: Some commands that are shown may require root priveleges. Either become root on your system or pre-pend the command with sudo.

$ cp [your web path]/domus.Link/config.php [backup location]/config.php.backup
$ cp -r [your web path]/domus.Link/db [backup location]/
$ cd [your directory above domus.Link i.e. /var/www]
$ tar xfvz [path to tar file]/domuslink-XXX.tar.gz
$ cp [backup location]/config.php.backup [your domus.Link dir]/
$ cp -r [backup location]/db [your domus.Link dir]/

If you are upgrading from a previous version of domus.Link prior to V1.2, you will be asked to convert your alias and floorplan to the new version. Click 'Convert' to accomplish this.

If you click 'Continue', you will bypass the conversion and all aliases will be of type 'other' and in location 'unknown'. While this action will not change your mapping, if you make a modification to the heyu config file in the admin area or update an alias, you will not be asked again for the convert. If you do not do anything and then start another session later, you will be asked for the conversion again.