Categories: General
      Date: Mar  1, 2008
     Title: v0.9 Released
domus.Link v0.9 has been released, and with it quite a few changes making it IMHO the best release to date.

 Here is a list of new features/changes in v0.9: 

This new version quite dramaticaly changed the english translation, therefore v0.9 will only include english. v1.0 will hopfully include the updated translations.

To download v0.9 go to {cms_selflink page='51' text=''}

To view the new screenshots go to {cms_selflink page='52' text=''}

A few notes:

I have recently changed email, so from now on please use istvan.cebrian -at- for any matter related to domus.Link. Also, for the next week I shall be on vacation, I will therefore only answer any email's on or after the 10th of March.