v0.9 Released

domus.Link v0.9 has been released, and with it quite a few changes making it IMHO the best release to date.

 Here is a list of new features/changes in v0.9: 

  • Implemented a two way module sorting by house area and type;
  • Added floorplan administration;
  • Implmented sortable modules and floorplan feature;
  • Added validations when deleting or renaming house areas;
  • Completely separated code logic from presentation logic (finally);
  • Added individual templates for each type of module;
  • Hopefully fixed way in which Heyu is checked if it is running;
  • Added Javascript field validation's to aliases and floorplan;
  • Redesigned footer layout;
  • Added computer uptime information to footer;
  • Added CM11x information viewing;
  • Redesigned default theme to be lighter and more dynamic;
  • Removed 'number of columns' option from frontend configuration;
  • Updated/corrected english translation;

This new version quite dramaticaly changed the english translation, therefore v0.9 will only include english. v1.0 will hopfully include the updated translations.

To download v0.9 go to

To view the new screenshots go to

A few notes:

I have recently changed email, so from now on please use istvan.cebrian -at- for any matter related to domus.Link. Also, for the next week I shall be on vacation, I will therefore only answer any email's on or after the 10th of March.