Status report

domus.Link development has been somewhat slow however things are starting to warm up again. 

If you regularly check this site, then you have probably noticed news and updates have been somewhat slow. This has been due to my overwhelming workload, however, things have started to calm down and development on domus.Link has once again started.

During this time I have been receiving various email's, two of which are worth special notice. Two people namely Cedric Aveline and Jeroen have been working on adding Macros/Events/Timmers administration to domus.Link, both have provided me with their work which unfortunately I have not had time to review. However this will be done very soon, and may-be even included in the next release. I would like to express my gratitude to both for your contribution to domus.Link.

Due to these contributions I have decided to change domus.Link roadmap considerably. To take a look click here.

I hope on releasing a new version within one month if time allows. Check back regularly for updates.