v1.0 Released

domus.Link v1.0 has been released and with it two of the most anticipated features, namely timer/trigger administration and the iPhone theme that has been developed by Frank van der Stand.

As some might have noticed, the timer administration feature has been advertised as Intelligent timer administration". What this means is that macros are created, enabled, disabled and re-used automatically and therefore no user intervention is required. The current approach has somewhat limited heyu features when it comes to timers, however, all these features such as the ability to define a null macro or the use of DAWN and DUSK time will be implemented in the next version. One feature that is available (but might not look as so) is the ability to use multiple modules in a macro. To do so first define an alias with all the modules you would like to use, then set a timer to act on that alias.

In the meantime I would just like to thank Frank van der Stand for the fantastic iPhone theme and for his invaluable help in the development of domus.Link.

Well I hope everyone enjoys this release. If you have any comments, suggestions or gripe feel free to drop me a line at