v1.1.1 Released

domus.Link v1.1.1 has been released and with it a number of new features and enhancements.

As most are now aware domus.Link is now 100% open source as has been counting on the various project members to continue pushing forward.

This release has only been possible due to the time and hard work from all project developers. Special thanks to Brad Samuels for developing and implementing most of the new features, to Philippe for the shutter support and testing and Cyril for requirements and testing.

So without further a due here is the long list of new features and enhancements in domus.Link v1.1.1:

  • Added ability to select a null on one side of a timer i.e.: on or off but not both
  • Added Shutter category and module type
  • Added Other category and module type. (irrigation category was left alone)
  • Added dawn/dusk capability to timers
  • Added Advanced timers page. This page allows editing timers by selecting the specific macros and all options for timers identified in heyu 2.8.0. This page does not create macros as the simple timer page does
  • Added a macro edit page. Allows the creation of macros in domus.Link
  • Added ability to manage heyu configurations based on the constructs of heyu's default -0 thru -9 handling or explicit -c config paths. If -c config path is used, the -0 thru -9 command pass thru is disabled. domus.Link does not currently support starting multiple heyu instances at this time
  • Updated Trigger page to view and select macros as they are defined
  • Updated schedule file handling to be object based. The schedule file no longer requires a custom layout as was needed previously. Any valid heyu schedule file will be acceptable
  • Updated view pages (marco, timer, trigger) enable/disable to now be in the action column
  • Updated db file for floorplan to be named floorplan-dist so as not to overwrite users current floorplan file.
  • Updated default theme to handle layouts dynamically for language changes
  • Fixed issue 2 - error output of utility exection should stay in the utility output window
  • Fixed issue 4 - drop down list widths would cut off text in list. udpated all drop downs to be wider
  • Fixed issue 5 - updated domus.Link module list from heyu modlist in 2.8.0
  • Fixed issue 10 - updated utility to execute heyu logtail
  • Fixed issue 23 - updated about page to dynamically echo current version number

To download head on over to the download page. Questions and comments should be directed at the user's mailling list and bug reports directly in the Google Code project.