New domus.Link 2.0Beta6

Updated features for domus.Link2.0beta6 for authentication of multiple users. Also there is a new android application as well - DomusLinkBeta2.7.apk

The beta for domus.Link 2.0 beta6 is available from the google code download area. This supports fixes for alias and macro labels with spaces, a fix for the CM17 and the update to the French language pages. Also this release supports a REST API for http with authentication and there is also an Android beta application in the download area. There is a document that describes the API in the download area as well as in the domus.Link beta download doc directory. This is not meant for a production system as it may have BUGS! Use at your own risk. The API may change as well. If you would like to help test, please do so and subscribe to the google group for domus.Link Developers.

2.0beta6 Additions

Multi-User authentication - domus.Link now supports multiple PIN logins and user logins with security access levels

Security Access Control - domus.Link now can have security access to the events (macro,timer,trigge)  management, config management and heyu control by security level of the defined user. The amdin level is secuiryt 0 for all access, level 1 is for events managment and hey control, level 2 is for module access and ability to start heyu if not running but not stop and any thing level 3 or greater only has the ability to access modules.

HVAC security control - The domus.Link frontend configuration allows you to set the security level for access to the RCSTXB16

Control of RCSTXB16 thermostat. domus.Link will allow one RCSTXB16 in it's configuration and will show the temperature and settings on the status bar. There is a new module type associated with the HVAC type.

Internal updates for objectifying macros and triggers.

New android application to handle new logins properly - DomusLinkBeta2.7.apk

2.0beta4 Additions

Updated version validation in the RESTAPI so that API systems could identify the features availability.

New android application to handle version requires - DomusLinkBeta2.6.apk

Previous Betas

New RESTAPI to expose for other systems to control domus.Link/heyu.

New android application to communicate with domus.Link

The RESTAPI allows getting the floorplan and aliases configured in domus.Link and control them for on/off/dim. The API can return only visible items defined by the alias configuration or all.