domus.Link 2.0Beta10 .. another beta

Updated features for domus.Link2.0beta10 for mobile theme detection and selection. Also added a new mobile theme based on iWebKit5.04.

The beta for domus.Link 2.0 beta10 is available from the google code download area. This version contains the features that are slated for 2.0. We will be testing this and anyone else interested, and submitting issues to the domuslink google code issues list to fix and then get ready for release.

There is a document that describes the API in the download area as well as in the domus.Link beta download doc directory. This is not meant for a production system as it may have BUGS! Use at your own risk. The API may change as well. If you would like to help test, please do so and subscribe to the google group for domus.Link Developers.

2.0beta10 Additions

Corrected RCS TXB16 handling and module control.

Corrected HVAC handling in the RESTAPI

Updated themes for iPhone and iWebKit for HVAC and dimmable lights.

2.0beta8 Additions

Added mobile theme detection and selection on user selectable criteria. This is identified in the frontend config page.

Added a new mobile theme based on iWebKit5.04. This is more stable and should support more mobile platforms.