domus.Link v2.1RC web and Android App available for testing

Release Candidate of the domus.Link v2.1 fixes and new features. Also, the DomusLink Android App 2.1RC is available for testing.

Domus.Link Android App 2.1RC

V2.1RC android features:

  • Scene availability from domus.Link V2.1RC
  • Update some of the graphics
  • Error handling of domus.Link issues such as heyu not running
  • Fixes for module type validation

domus.Link Web

V2.1RC fixes and features description:

  • Updated restapi to include scene control.
  • Updated restapi calls that interact with hey to return a heyu not runinng status if down.
  • Updated restapi doc to version 5.
  • Updated index.php to load mod group types only if heyu is running
  • Updated Location class for getting aliases and scenes with the given flags properly.

Includes V2.0.2beta fixes and features description:

  • Fixes Issue where images do not display properly on default theme. This issue is related to /var/lock not being writable by the webserver. Added check in diagnostic.php for /var/lock and handle exception properly when it occurs. Exception handling may catch other errors now as well.
  • Updated README file to have the correct file name and location of urlMap.cache as it was identified improperly.
  • New Feature - Scene control was added to domus.Link to have a psuedo module control a scene defined in the x10config file. Scene editing was added to the setup area and is now managed. The scene can be assigned to groups and locations as well as a security level for execution. USERSYN's are not included and this allows for heyu custom USERSYN's to be hidden from domus.Link. (Yes, I know that SCENE and USERSYN are identical, but thought it maybe useful to separate them if you want scripts to control USERSYN and not have them as items in domus.Link.)Issue when using the heyu edit in domus.Link that it did not display dropdown selection items with their proper value selected. There was an issue in the comparisons due to extraneous whitespace on the variables.
  • Fixed an issue with diagnostics not running properly while fixing issue 67.Factored the code to be handled properly.
  • Fixed an issue with config type compares as if case was not matching it would not find the correct objects.