v0.1.1 Released

v0.1.1 of domus.Link a web-based frontend for Heyu has finally been released.

Yeap v0.1.1 has finally been released, after a delay of over 2 weeks I finally managed to get some time. This version does not include any new features, it is mainly fixing a few bugs and adding a few security enhancements. Here are the main changes:

  • Disabled 'short_open_tag' for security reason's
    Thanks to Julien Touche for pointing this out.
  • Added Dutch translation
    Thanks to Frank
  • Added French translation
    Thanks to 'Child from Korn' and Thierry Moutet
  • Fixed various PHP warning messages.
  • Added more error handling code.
  • Changed languages dropdown so that full names are given instead of ie: en_GB
  • Fixed IE CSS bugs
  • Implemented a different solution for checking if Heyu is running.
    Thanks again to Julien Touche.
  • Various other fixes/corrections/security enhancements