v0.2 Released

v0.2 of domus.Link a web-based Heyu frontend has been released.

With a new year (even thou a bit late) a new release of domus.Link is available, specifically v0.2. For thoose of you who where waiting for v0.2 mainly due to events/macros administration I am sorry to say that specific features has not yet been implemented. This is because v0.2 was initially supossed to be v0.1.2, however due to the amount of new features I decided to push the version numbers down, and release domus.Link as v0.2.

Here is a list of the changes/features of v0.2:

  • Added support for multi-aliases such as A2,5,6.
  • Completely rewrote way of handling control table's, reduced from ~350 lines of code to about 50.
  • Added configuration option to choose how many modules appear per line on control page.
  • Added dim/bright click controls to intensity table
  • Added native support for CM17A devices
  • Added security level's for password protection
    (none, admin & everything)
  • Added an auto-refresh setting to the frontend
  • Heyu now automatically reload's when changes are made to it's settings
  • Bug correction with START and STOP for Heyu when on error.php
  • Fixed some error handling bugs
  • Fixed various other minor bugs
  • Changed theme icons. Now currently uses icons from the Crystal icon pack ( by Everaldo Coelho which are licensed under the LGPL.
  • Added Italian translation
    Thanks to Stefano Bodini
  • Added Swedish translation
    Thanks to Tobias Axelsson
  • Updated Dutch translation
    Thanks to Frank

If you'd like before downloading you can check out the new screenshot's with the new icon set, or head on over to download v0.2.