Changes in roadmap and version numbers

As some of you may have noticed the current roadmap for domus.Link has changed considerably. This has been a decision that has been taken after v0.2 was released.

Since v0.1 quite a few people have e-mailed me regularly with sugestion's, critiques, bug reports, fixes, translations etc which I apreciate very much. Most of these e-mail's where in agreement when it came to one thing: theme & organization.

The comments where mostly about how the theme didn't look quite right, or on how each module table ocupied too much space. They also mentioned how when one had quite a few modules to administer things would start to become very complicated. Locating a specific module when each are only divided by type, was and is without a doubt, complicated. After releasing v0.2 I received a few more e-mail's that followed the same lines. These convinced me to rethink the direction domus.Link was taking.

First was the version number's. I have decided that what I need in the first place is a stable and well implemented first version for domus.Link. This version should only have basic features such as the ones currently available (and a few new ones). Once this first version is tried and tested will the other important features such as events administration be implemented. This first version shall be... wait for it... v1...! Yeap, that took me the better part of the afternoon to think of.

This version is the version that I hope will become the framework for all future version's. With this final version I hope on changing and adding the following things:

  1. Complete redesign of domus.Link main theme;
    This new design will remove most of the images in use (mainly on the individual module control's) and concentrate more on pure HTML + CSS, this will bring quite a few advantadges among them are: a lighter frontend and an easier to customize design.  The few images that shall still be used will be for the header, menu, ON/OFF switches and a few other, however, I plan on also giving an option that will allow to use only text.
  2. Addition of a second level of organization, namely House Areas;
    This feature is something that I should have considered from the start, unfortunately I did not, it is however very possible to implement with the existing code base so it shall be. This means the main page will divide modules not by type but by house area. And when one selects 'Lights' only lights shall be shown but these shall again be divided by house areas. This in my opinion will greatly improve organization.
  3. Administration area for the House Areas;
    This feature will simply extend on the previsouly stated feature. It will allow users to add/remove house areas acording to their needs.
  4. Sortable aliases and House Areas;
    This feature will probably be one of the most complicated to implement (seeing as how I am a newbiew to PHP and this is my first undertaking). The plan is to have UP/DOWN arrows beside the aliases that will allow the user to sort the aliases the way he/she see's fit. The aliases/modules will then show up in that order on the main/lights/etc pages. This feature will also be implemented for the house areas, allowing the user to choose which area show's up first.

These are basically all the new feature I plan on implementing for the next version. I hope on releasing this new version within two months if time allows. Check back regularly for updates and if you have any comments please don't hesitate and e-mail me at .